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Engadget recently posted this news, and since it’s taking place in Hollywood, and it’s from Canon, I think we can safely assume that this is going to be some sort of camera product directed at our industry, and that makes it worthy of posting here.

 click the image to link to the Engadget post.

Billed as an historic global announcement, I gotta believe this is more than a new 5D Mark III or some such. Although, in hindsight, the Canon video DSLRs sure have had a big impact on our industry. Perhaps this could be some new large sensor camcorder, maybe with RAW recording, maybe 4k, who really knows… Just thought I’d get it on the radar. All we know for sure is Canon is announcing something they consider historic on November 3rd in Hollywood.

Let’s not forget to factor Canon’s recent digital cinema PL-mount lens announcements (thanks Adam Oas for the nudge)!

I admit this is far from comprehensive, but I still find it interesting. A bunch of Boston area shooters got together for an informal look at how lenses of different costs (ranging from $450-$18K) looked on the same camera (a Panasonic AF-100) in the same scene. Here’s the unscientific results.

There’s also a Behind-The-Scenes piece. Enjoy!

Here’s a link to Benjamin Eckstein’s blog with the full write up.