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IMUG and MediaMotion Ball community Founder Carey Dissmore shares a bit of what’s on his mind 6 days after the release of the polarizing Final Cut Pro X. Many professionals have made a lot of noise about it’s missing features, claiming the software is inadequate for professional use.

The post tends to ramble a bit, but I hope you find value in it.

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Apple Final Cut Pro X

Larry Jordan’s Compete Training for FCPX

Another very good, inexpensive training resource:
Philip Hodgett’s “Conquering the Metadata Foundations of Final Cut Pro X”

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Other interesting reading:
Apple’s Developer Site proclaiming the awesomeness of XML Interchange in FCP 7

UPDATE 1 6/28/11:
Evidence of XML Importer Found in Final Cut Pro X

UPDATE 2 6/28/11:
Piers Goodhew, posting on the IMUG list, notes conversation with Apple Engineers who state FCP7 will run on Lion

UPDATE 3 6/28/11:
Limited availability of FCS 3 (containing FCP 7) starting tomorrow.