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Flanders Scientific, Inc. is a direct-sales provider of professional broadcast and post production monitors. I have just spent about 1 month with their top-of-the-line LM-2461W reference monitor while preparing this video review. Part of this video is educational regarding the need reference monitoring, and then my impressions of this specific monitor. Along the way I offer a few opinions.

The LM-2461W sells for $4995.00 US and is sold direct (they have other models too)

Here is my video review of this monitor:

The Flanders Scientific LM-2461W clearly represents excellent decision making in product design. Delivering impressively on all of the fundamentals at a breakthrough price point and yet managing to deliver value-added features well beyond anything else in its class.

Disclosure: I requested a temporary review unit of this item for a few weeks in order to prepare this review. I encourage you to review my general ethics statement.